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Black Teas

are fully oxidized, full bodied and contain caffeine. They may be served plain or with milk and your choice of sweetener, We carry a nice selection of China black, Naturally flavored, Estate teas and Naturally Decaffeinated.

Amaretto- A rich 'almond liqueur' flavor, blended with 'high grown' Ceylon black tea will warm you up!

Gingered Peach- Zesty ginger mixed with mellow peaches makes an amazing and soothing cup of tea!

Spiced Chai- Authentic Chai with cloves, cardamom, cumin, and coriander. Add milk and honey for a 'slice of pumpkin pie' in your cup!

Mango- Fresh mango taste takes you straight to a sunny location and makes a stunning iced tea.

Strawberry- Fresh summer berries will make this the most delicious tea you'll ever drink!

Raspberry- Fresh ripe raspberries and black tea meet in a very berry fusion!

French Blend- Rich black tea blended with vanilla cream, earl grey tea, lavender flowers, and rose petals for an unforgettable taste!

Mellow Mint- Our blend of black teas, layered with fresh spearmint, is a cool uplifting treat! Add a little honey for natural goodness!

Darjeeling- Grown at the base of the Himalaya's, this tea is considered to be the 'champagne' of teas!

Keemun Panda #1- A British staple, this tea's complex character is often compared to burgundy wine.

  2oz.        4oz.       8oz.

$7.00    $10.00   $16.00

Peach Apricot Decaf- Mellow peaches and full flavored apricots blended with 'high grown' Ceylon decaf black tea.

Black Currant Decaf- Fresh black currant taste blended with naturally decaffeinated black tea.

   2oz.       4oz.       8oz.

 $8.00   $12.00   $20.00

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