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Green Teas

Green teas are hand picked, dried naturally, and not oxidized like oolong or black teas. This gives them their green color and taste! Flavors can range from sweet and vegetative to floral and toasty. Green teas are high in antioxidants, good for the immune system and are thought to help lower cholesterol, while regulating blood sugar levels.

Breakfast Green- A robust, flavorful Kenyan tea, that will help jump start your day!

Gunpowder Green(organic)- 'Hand rolled' green tea leaves, with surprising body, and captivating taste.

Jasmine with Flowers- China green tea layered with Jasmine blossoms for an amazing floral taste.

   2oz.      4oz.        8oz.

 $7.00   $10.00    $16.00

Sencha Green Decaf- Great green taste without the caffeine, plus lots of antioxidants.

    2oz.       4oz.       8oz.

  $8.00   $12.00   $20.00

*Izu Gyokuro Matcha*- Finely powdered green tea leaves have a naturally sweet smoothness that energizes your soul~

    2oz.       4oz.      

 $16.00   $28.00   

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