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Rooibos Teas 

come from the Western Cape of South Africa, and are naturally caffeine free. They come in red or green and are highest in antioxidants. Rooibos teas can soothe an upset stomach, as well as provide calcium and Vitamin C.  

Rooibos Red(plain)- Red Rooibos in it's natural state with lost of antioxidants, nutrients, and a toasty, sweet taste!

Rooibos Green(plain)- Green Rooibos in it's natural state, and a good sweet taste!

Mango- Sun dried red tea, layered with dried mango, gives this tea a tropical taste!

Bourbon Vanilla- Sun dried red tea, blended with sweet vanilla, almonds, and a hint of cinnamon for that 'jazzy' taste!

Cran-A-Granate- Sun dried red tea, layered with cranberry and pomegranate give triple antioxidants plus a mouth watering taste!

Creamy Mocha Brulee- Rooibos tea layered with chocolate and caramel bits make this tea a decadent delight!

Blueberry- Sun dried red tea layered with dried blueberries, give this tea it's naturally sweet taste!

Pineapple Colada- Sun dried red tea, blended with sweet pineapple, and coconut for that 'colada' taste! Enjoy hot or Iced~

Berry~'Vhana'- Green Rooibos layered with dried blueberries, apple, currants, and hibiscus. Lots of vitamin C and Antioxidants!

Creme Caramel- Sun dried red tea, layered with sweet caramel pieces for that dreamy, creamy taste!

Belgian Chocolate- Sun dried red tea, layered with chocolate bits, and cacao beans make for a healthy, all natural delight!

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